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A family-run cooperage

Stéphane Chassin learned the coopering trade and savoir faire in a prestigious cooperage in Charente. Here he distinguished himself due to his active involvement and skills and was rewarded by being entrusted with the responsibility of the company’s branch in Burgundy. His passion for this craft led him to start an independent cooperage business whose main aim is to produce quality oak barrels.

« Our aim is to offer you the best barrel that will allow you
to showcase your best wine. »
Stéphane Chassin

Following the customs of this ancient craft, Stéphane Chassin, as a seasoned professional, personally transfers his expertise and secrets to his employees.

For instance, Romuald Goudier, after finishing his apprenticeship with Stéphane Chassin, decided to remain in the company and today has an excellent mastery of the toasting technique, which is the Chassin griffe.

Florian Chassin has been at his father’s side right from the establishment of the company and is involved in all the manufacturing phases.

Florian Mathay and Guillaume Rebillon complete the team; they have been expertly trained and work with the same professionalism as all the other employees in the company. With a strict control system in place, Stéphane Chassin guarantees high quality products.

Patricia Chassin, Stéphane’s wife, takes care of the administration and organisational aspects of the company, ensuring that employees and clients alike have everything they need.

«Everybody must do their bit and work with the same determination in a cooperage. »
Stéphane Chassin